WhiteWater has the most comprehensive product range in the global hydroslides and aquatic play industry
WhiteWater West Industries has more than 120 products in its range and is expanding this every year. All are designed paying close attention to factors such as g-force, rider and vehicle dynamics, and rider envelope. Specialised proprietary software has been developed to simulate and test ride paths at the design stage and follow a thorough internal review process, as the ride is engineered and constructed, to ensure the best combination of safety with fun and excitement.
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WhiteWater New Zealand has dominated the New Zealand market since 2005, introducing WhiteWater’s range of iconic hydroslides and AquaPlay™ multi-level, interactive play structures range to New Zealand.
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Every component is carefully designed, tested and installed to last. WhiteWater meticulously considers, tests, and validates every component of every attraction. In operation all around the world, WhiteWater’s attractions have been designed for longevity, even in the most challenging environments.

Designed for Fun

This might seem obvious, but it’s actually not quite so straightforward. Our ride designers are masters at making safe rides the most fun they can be, whatever the constraints of the brief, whether fitting rides into tight footprints or budgets.

Designed for Safety

Safety is top of mind in every product designed and manufactured. Starting with a team of dedicated safety champions, WhiteWater has built safety checks and balances at every stage of product development, installation, and operation. All rides meet the recognised local and international standards, and strict internal design guidelines.

AquaLucent Striping experience

Watch this video featuring our AquaLucent striping
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Check out these AquaLucent designs - contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Mat Racing experience

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Boomerango experience

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Constrictor experience

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