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We will help you take care of it, so it lasts for years to come.
Maintaining an aquatic attraction is as critical for safety and performance. As operators of our own iconic WhiteWater hydroslides and AquaPlay™ facilities at the Lido Aquatic Centre, Palmerston North, we understand the value of maintenance to maximise the safe working lifespan of your hydroslides. Visitors judge your slides by how they look. Faded slides look old and less appealing but with WhiteWater’s high-performance resurfacing and refurbishing services, we will make sure your hydroslides and AquaPlay™ attractions look shiny and new for years to come.

While most of us are excited about investing in a great hydroslide or AquaPlay™ attraction, fewer appear to fully appreciate the importance of maintaining it. From faded and rusted surfaces to cracks and leaky joints, day-to-day wear and tear not only makes your slides look outdated and unkept, it also can make them unsafe. That’s why it is vital to protect both your customers and your investment with a dedicated maintenance and support service. Ongoing maintenance not only ensures the longevity of your hydroslides and AquaPlay™ structures, it enhances your attraction’s visual appeal, and safeguards your products for years to come.

Why us

  • Our commitment to safety and quality not only makes us stand apart, it defines who we are.
  • As industry leaders, WhiteWater has decades of combined experience as operators, designers and suppliers.
  • We are there for you, always. We stand by our products and customers and help you achieve the maximum lifespan from your products, for the best ROI.
  • Spread across four continents, WhiteWater has a global yet uniquely local presence to address our clients’ needs, delivering service promptly and cost effectively.

We can provide you with

  • Spare parts for all WhiteWater hydrolides, AquaPlay™, AquaSpray™, Slideboarding, Waves, Prime Interactives products and Hopkins Rides

  • Hydroslide resurfacing

  • Hydroslide refurbishing

  • AquaPlay™ revitalisation

  • Retrofitting interactive elements or theming

  • General product repairs

Fibreglass Repair Services: We can help you restore damaged hydroslide fibreglass by repairing it and preventing future wear and tear.

Resurfacing Services: We can help you resurface an old hydroslide and get it’s shine back by supplying re-gel coat for slide surfaces.

Repair & Maintenance After Sales: We provide annual inspections for hydroslides and AquaPlay™ structures to examine for leaks, worn-out paint and gel coatings.

Dispatch Systems Services: We offer dispatch systems for new and existing hydroslides. Besides this, we also provide regular and seasonal service and maintenance contracts.

Replacement Services: We supply parts and materials such as paint, gel coat and caulking for the maintenance of all hydroslides and AquaPlay™ structures.

How we can help you

Parts & Replacement

Through WhiteWater West, we offer a complete range of parts and maintenance products for our attractions.
WhiteWater New Zealand will provide advice on what parts need to be replaced and how repairs can be undertaken. We will then order the parts required and arrange shipment along with replacement installation, as required.

Refurbishment, Resurfacing & Retrofitting

From minor gel coat chips, cracks and repairs to interior hydroslide resurfacing, waxing, joint inspection and realignment, WhiteWater’s experts can breathe life back into your AquaPlay™ structures and hydroslides with a thorough cleaning process, fresh coat of gelcoat or paint, upgraded interactive elements and safety checks. Not only this, we can help you to revitalise your existing hydroslides and AquaPlay™ structure by retrofitting interactive add-ons and custom theming elements, in an easy and cost-efficient way, to revitalise your hydroslides or AquaPlay™ and make them look brand new.


Telling a story through intricate theming is an art form.

WhiteWater’s theming artists tell stories each day as they breathe life into creatures of the deep sea, colourful birds or cheeky monkeys all carved by hand and finished with a detailed paint job.

Our talented design team can add a narrative to immerse the customer in the experience and our amazing sculptors bring the beautiful sketches into amazing 3D, larger-than-life, reality.

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