we listen
we apply our knowledge
and we continue to learn
to create a future
where fun thrives
right here in Aotearoa New Zealand
WhiteWater New Zealand connects your project with the largest and most experienced design team in the aquatic leisure industry.Over 40 years of experience and well over 6,000 completed projects, WhiteWater’s in-house team of over 140 engineers, technologists, designers and architects deliver exceptional entertainment solutions.

At WhiteWater, we listen to our customers. We invest heavily in our own research and development to create innovative, accessible designs using sustainable technology and deliver the maximum value in variety, capacity, safety and entertainment for each project.
WhiteWater’s exceptional depth of intellectual property and experience allows us the expertise to optimise product selection for your project. We maximise operational capacity, efficiency and return on investment, while catering for a wide range of visitors.

Concept Design

This is often the beginning of the design process. It is the visualisation stage leading to agreeing the project’s scope with initial sketches. Operational parameters, project costs and schedules are estimated to give you a complete overview of the design

Schematic Design

Schematic design at this stage explores the concept in greater depth and solidifies ideas. It is here that WhiteWater’s designers begin to create CAD plans, generate 3D models and concise detail drawings.

Design Development

Good design considers in-depth operational and safety measures. That’s why, at this stage, we deliver designs in greater detail, after considering the functional and operational aspects, to illustrate how the project will be constructed, fabricated and produced. The detailed plans produced allow the client and the design team to evaluate the design solutions in terms of impact on both budget and the quality of the visitor experience.


Theming often adds that 'magic touch' to an attraction. WhiteWater’s talented designers and sculptors together create narratives that immerse the visitor in emotionally engaging, larger than life, 3D themed environments remembered for years to come.

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